Directions to Greene Family Camp

Greene Family Camp is located in Bruceville, Texas, about midway between Waco and Temple just west if I-35. There has been considerable construction along that stretch of I-35, but here are some basic instructions:

  • If you are traveling NORTH on I-35 --  stay on the I-35 main lanes and take the 318-B Exit for Woodlawn Road. After you have exited I-35 at Woodlawn Road, turn left under the highway and take the south bound frontage road. Do not get back on the main lanes of the interstate highway. Turn right at Bruceville Road and go up the hill, following the signs to Greene Family Camp.
  • If you are traveling SOUTH on I-35 -- take Exit 319 and stay on the frontage road until you reach Bruceville Road.
  • If you are traveling WEST on Route 7 to Eddy, use the northbound frontage road of I-35, enter the main lanes, and then take the 318-B Exit for Woodlawn Road as noted above.
  • Up to the minute travel data and videos are available on the Greene Family Camp website.


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