Representative Meeting

What is a representative meeting?

In preparation for the Annual Session, representatives from the various Monthly Meetings and Quarterly Meetings gather every year in November or December.  At this time, the Quarterly Meeting responsible for planning the Annual Session meets with the SCYM planning committee, and other items of business are tended to as relates to the Annual Session or issues that need to be addressed in the interim. In 2019 Representative Meeting will be at Greene Family Camp, in Bruceville, Texas,

All members and attenders of our meetings and worship groups are welcome to attend. 

Mark your calendar for November 22-24, 2019

We welcome participants at 3:00 pm on Friday and end on Sunday at 11:00 at close of the business session. 

Fees are:

  • $75 per night for overnight lodging and meals
  • or, $30 Saturday meals only.

Register here for Representative meeting.