On-Site Information

Front gate

The gate at the entrance to the camp may be locked after hours. Before Yearly Meeting, we will send an e-mail message to those who have registered that will include the code you need to open the gate when it has been locked. The code to enter the camp is the same as the code to exit the camp except that you do not need to key the pound sign (#) when exiting.


There is a paved parking lot to the left of the front gate for long term parking. Transportation for Friends with mobility issues will be provided by the SCYM taxi service. The Camp does not allow us to use personal vehicles for taxi service. You may park near your lodging long enough to unload at the beginning and load at the end of our sessions, but your vehicle should be moved to the long term parking area as soon as this has been accomplished. A second parking lot is located at the Camp Motel for Friends with housing there. RV electrical hookups are available in the main parking area. These hookups can be used to recharge electric vehicles. Let the On-Site Coordinator know what your needs are.


Registration is located in the cafeteria, the first large building on the right as you enter the camp.


The Camp has indicated they will be able to provide our usual menu with special attention to vegetarian entrees as well as provide for the special needs.

What to bring

Yearly Meeting provides a comfortable cabin, bed and mattress. So, remember to bring your own bedding, pillow and towels. Many folks also like to bring sunscreen, insect repellent, water bottle/coffee mug, umbrella. Worship in Song or Rise up Singing song books, musical instruments, and old sheets for privacy curtains if staying in the dorms.

What not to bring

Although there is a resident dog at the camp, no visiting pets are allowed. Service dogs are permitted. Do not bring fireworks or firearms of any kind.


There is no smoking on the grounds of Greene Family Camp. A space has been designated for adult smokers just outside the main gate.

More information about Greene Family Camp may be found on their web site:

If you have questions about onsite issues, please contact the On-Site Coordinator. You may also contact the On-Site Coordinator should you wish to reserve a meeting time/space or if you would like to have exhibit space.

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