Financial Assistance

Finances should never be an issue that stops you from attending Yearly Meeting. We ask that you seek funding from your Monthly Meeting or Worship Group before asking here. Many Monthly Meetings have funds for this purpose.

For those not able to secure sufficient funding from their local Friends group, the Yearly Meeting will meet all requests from South Central Yearly Meeting Friends and attenders for financial assistance to attend YM 2022 as Yearly Meeting feels we are a stronger community when all are present. To request financial assistance:

  1. Begin the registration process.
  2. On the form for each attender, there is a field: "I am attending as a: [General Attender]". If you are a teacher, SCYM staff member or a guest (such as a keynote speaker), select one of those. The appropriate stipend will be subtracted from your costs.
  3. After you have entered all attenders you will click the button labeled "Done".
  4. You will see the "Fees and Donations" page where you will see an accounting of your costs. Enter the amount of aid you need in the "Financial Aid Amount Requested" field. (Assistance for financial aid is available up to the amount displayed on this page).

  5. If you wish to request financial aid on the basis of need (not a stipend for teacher or staff), enter the amount you need.
  6. Click the "Save and submit your registration" button.
  7. Be prepared to pay the recalculated balance due, if any, when you get to Greene Family Camp


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