Religious Society of Friends: Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

2020 Keynote - Loving in the Light: Quaker Response in Times of Crisis - Minga Claggett-Borne

Minga Claggett-Borne, Keynote Speaker, SCYM 2020

Here are links to the Keynote video and text. Thanks to Minga Claggett-Borne for her sharing her experience to assist SCYM Friends in discerning how live in the Light in these times challenging times. 

Living in the Light Video 
Living in The Light Keynote Text

The worship sharing after the talk was deep and Spirit filled. Minga asked us to address the querie, "What part of her sharing spoke to you?" Many spoke of the new reality around us as bring both sadness and joy. Some suggested we were learning a new way of being with some challenges but some positive changes in themselves, their communities and the world. There was a spoken 

March 30, 2020 NEWS UPDATE: SCYM COVID19

Dear Friends,

Please continue to hold those suffering from the virus, resulting financial constraints and the challenges of social distancing in the Light. SCYM Ministry and Care is doing all it can to support monthly meetings and worship groups as they care for Friends in need. A survey of what is being done at the monthly meeting level is taking place. Friends should look toward their monthly meetings and worship groups for support. Monthly meeting and worship group clerks should contact Ministry and Care if what is needed exceeds their resources. 

Many Friends are expressing a desire to help those within and beyond our meetings who depend on jobs that have gone away and live pay check to pay check. On Sunday, March 29, 2020 the ad-hoc committee to discern SCYM COVID19 response met online to discuss whether and how to honor our commitment to hourly staff who would have earned wages by serving us at 2020 April Sessions. Those present included Friends present were Gerald Jimmy, Jr. - Clerk, Jessica Arjet - Recording Clerk, Liz Yeats - Associate clerk, Warren Wilson Reiner, Lori Laub, Kevin King, Val Liveoak, Anne Collins, Chris Drexler, Karen Takemoto, and Denise Wilkinson. Friends reviewed many aspects of this situation. The following minute was approved:

SCYM AD-HOC COVID COMMITTEE 2020.3.29.01 Friends approve the treasurer to release $2800 to Greene Family Camp so that they can distribute these funds to the hourly staff members of Greene Family Camp who would not be paid for the weekend that we had to cancel. The web content manager (Liz Yeats) will encourage Friends in SCYM to contribute to this fund. Should contributions exceed the $2800, the treasurer will ask this committee to meet again to discuss how to proceed with the surplus.

This amount includes the $2,000 in estimated wages usually paid by Greene Family Camp and $800, the usual tip provided to hourly staff at annual sessions. The camp assures us the entire amount will be distributed appropriately to the hourly staff. 

Individual Friends and meetings wishing to contribute to SCYM funds to help cover this cost should send checks to SCYM at: 

Lori Laub, SCYM Treasurer
4312 E. 67th St. #665
Tulsa, OK 74136
If you have further questions please email the clerks using this form.

March 15, 2020, SCYM 2020 Postponed until Fall

Dear Friends,

A group of Friends in leadership of SCYM met for meeting for worship for business by Zoom virtual conferencing and approved postponing 2020 SCYM sessions to the fall, dates pending negotiations with Greene Family Camp. (The complete minutes of the meeting will be posted here soon.) 

This decision was a sad one to make. We all agreed we would miss the fellowship, learning and spiritual deepening we experience when we gather face to face.  However, in the face of the present COVID19 (Coronavirus) situation which places so many of our usual attenders and guests at risk, we felt the safety of all, and those in our broader communities, called for such action. We hope to reschedule in the fall of 2020 and will be back to you as soon as we are able with dates. 

In the interim, the SCYM Zoom account will be used for virtual meetings for worship, one beginning this week on Wednesday evening. Please watch your email for more information about this opportunity to gather, worship and share with Friends around SCYM. SCYM will also post a list of Sunday virtual meetings for worship under the care of Monthly Meetings before next Sunday. There were at least three that took place in our geography today and Friends report the they had a positive experience of worship and fellowship. 

Please watch your email and here for more information. Stay safe, stay connected as best you can, and as always, look for ways to show love to others. There are lots of ways that don't require touching and Friends are great at practicing many of them!

In the Light, 

Liz Yeats, Associate Clerk


March 24, 2020 NEWS UPDATE: SCYM COVID19 Including online meetings for worship

Photo by Malcolm McAtee, web manager at Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Dear Friends,

As we move into these times of social distancing, Friends in SCYM are finding ways to help each other deal with social distancing and the effects of the disease on indiviuals and meetings. 

The one family in SCYM that reported that one member had tested positive for COVID19 report they are now recovering nicely. They are trying to rest and so, while they appreciate your prayers, they are staying annonymous. More news of SCYM Friends will be posted as we have it. 

A new fall date for SCYM 2020 Yearly Meeting Sessions is confirmed as September 24-27, 2020. Watch here for more details.

All are invited to worship virtually online: All Yearly Meeting Wednesday Mid-Week Worship, 7-8pm (connect at 6:30 for tech help) and with SCYM Monthly Meetings on Sunday, March 29, 2020. Please click "read more" for details.

Link to Valiant Together listing for wonderful ideas for infusing Quakerism into family life and First Day School while social distancing at

Minute on Family Separation: Friends Meeting of San Antonio

The following minute on family separation was approved by Friends Meeting of San Antonio. They ask that SCYM meetings and worship groups consider affirming this minute or creating their own. Please let know if your meeting approves such an minute on this or other matters of interest to the whole of SCYM. 

"Friends Meeting of San Antonio finds the policy of the present administration of separating children from their families at the border to be shameful and contrary to American values.  Further, using the Gospel to claim that “God has ordained” such actions is appalling to us as a people of faith. We also insist that our government follow international law and open our ports of entry for people seeking asylum.  We call on all government officials, from the President, Attorney General, Senators, and Representatives, to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection to cease and desist separating infants and older children from their parents.  Compassion is called for in welcoming those who flee violence, seeking asylum in America."                ~ Val Liveoak and Gretchen Haynes, Co-Clerks