New Correspondence from FWCC

The following was received from Friends World Committee for Consultation, World Office. 



To South Central Yearly Meeting
April 2017


Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.  And let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds.                           Hebrews 10:23-24


Dear Friends in South Central Yearly Meeting,

We send you loving greetings from the Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) World Office in London.  We extend our best wishes for a full and gathered yearly meeting.  We trust that God’s presence among you will enrich your fellowship and open your hearts.  May your gathering be blessed by visitors from other yearly meetings and other parts of the world. Understanding how our Quaker brothers and sisters in different parts of the world are carrying forward their worship and witness broadens our own sense of our work at home.

Answering God’s call to universal love, FWCC brings Friends together both literally and virtually, both at the local level and at the world level.  “Connecting Friends, crossing cultures, and changing lives,” we build understanding across cultures, languages, and theological diversity. We appreciate the yearly meeting’s continuing work of strengthening the Religious Society of Friends, and likewise, FWCC brings Friends together who have similar passions in order to strengthen the Quaker voice in the world. Whether we worship in isolated or small communities or enjoy a larger yearly meeting community, we all need the wider family of Friends to nurture us. We are not alone!

Martin Luther King said in 1967, “Difficult and painful as it is, we must walk on in the days ahead with an audacious faith in the future.” At this time of political unrest, we need each other and we need our faith.  Being a Quaker, I take heart knowing I share the broad and insistent vision for a peaceful world.  Everything has changed and nothing has changed.  Our shared work for peace and justice continues, from King’s lifetime til now. From the World Conference minutes in 2012: “In moments of deep sharing of joys and grief, we find love, tenderness, and mutual understanding.  Friendships form, and seeds of future partnerships are planted.”

FWCC holds the accreditation for Quaker work at the United Nations, and we appoint Friends from each Section to serve on the Geneva and New York governing committees of the Quaker United Nations Office.  Quakers are represented well at the UN.  Seek out your own Section appointees if you want to learn more or visit the QUNO web site. 

I attach the Sustainability Minute from the World Plenary Meeting in Pisac, Peru in January 2016, drawing your attention to the call for yearly meeting action.  Please let us know what you are doing or considering across time. We will be putting contributions on the FWCC World Office web site to build momentum for the Quaker movement around sustainability.

With this greeting, I invite you to engage with FWCC through our web site and Facebook page. I invite you to give financially to FWCC through your Section.  I invite you to support Robin Mohr in her work as Section Secretary of the Section of the Americas. And most importantly, I invite you to engage with other Friends who share your passion for life and love.

FWCC is revising the world map, Finding Quakers Around the World, and we are in the process of updating the book Friends Around the World. We also post all epistles we receive so that all Friends might see how God is moving amongst us.  Please send your epistle to

We hope that you will remember you are part of a larger family, very diverse, yet joined by its common heritage, testimonies, and faith. We enjoy unity within our diversity.

We thank you, Friends, for your faithful support of our work.

In loving Friendship,

Gretchen Castle

General Secretary                                           



Attached: Sustainability Minute (SCYM Note:  Can be found by following link under Recent Documents on right side of our home page.)