SCYM Advocacy on Behalf of Leonard Peltier



January 4, 2017

President Barack Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,

Washington, DC


RE:  Executive clemency for Leonard Peltier

Dear President Obama,

South Central Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends is a gathering of Quaker Meetings and Worship Groups located in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Missouri.

This is the third letter that I have written pursuant to South Central Yearly Meeting’s 2015 decision to press for executive clemency for Mr. Peltier.  At this time of heightened attention to Native issues, Mr. Peltier’s freedom would send a strong, calming message to activists and further cement your administration’s legacy of good faith in handling relations with indigenous peoples.


Howard Hawhee

Presiding Clerk

South Central Yearly Meeting


cc: Leonard Peltier

     New York Yearly Meeting

     National Congress of American Indians