Youth Program Support Committee


Anne Collins


The Youth Program Support Committee assists the YPC and the AYPC by identifying teachers to serve during the next annual session of Yearly Meeting. The Youth Program Support Committee further supports the Youth programming by providing other services.

Composition 1. The outgoing Youth Coordinator serves as the Clerk of the Youth Programming Support Committee.  

Responsibilities 1. Helping planning youth programs for the event of YM,  2. Obtaining supplies,  3. Identifying resource people,  4. Identifying Teachers  5. Yearly Meeting approves the allocation of up to $900 yearly from the Delegate Travel Fund to support SCYM Friends to attend trainings at Pendle Hill, FGC Gathering, or other similar venues for religious education teachers/facilitators. The attenders will be chosen by the Youth Program Support Committee.  

The committee is urged to explore asking individual meetings to identify Teachers in ratio to the numbers of youth that meetings send to YM. In addition, the committee is urged to explore asking Age Group Coordinators to help identify a friend that will replace them at the following YM.