SCYM Opportunities

Friends, your yearly meeting offers funds and other support to individuals for sharing our gifts and deepening our spirits. Read below to see four opportunities for support.  


·         Are you under the weight of a spiritual leading that takes you beyond our yearly meeting? Why not explore the Spiritual Enrichment Fund for financial and spiritual support. This includes Young Friends. 


·         Are you under the weight of a leading to travel within SCYM to share your gifts and ministry? Are you needing financial and/or spiritual support? Why not explore the Boeger Fund 


·         Are you hoping to attend the FGC Gathering for the first time? We can help you with funds from the Boeger Fund. 


·         Does your meeting want to invite a seasoned Friend to visit? The Boeger Fund can also cover expenses to bring a particular Friend to your meeting to offer a ministry through dialog, a presentation, a workshop, a retreat, etc.  


For more information contact Jan Michael, clerk of Ministry and Care at