Religious Society of Friends: Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

2019 Annual SCYM Sessions Theme and Workshop Request

2019 SCYM Annual Sessions will take place April 18-21 at Greene Family Camp, Bruceville, TX. This year's theme is “Knowing, Being, Doing”. Workshops will focus on Knowing and Doing while the overarching theme will be about Being (turning inward to the Light), from the queries in the Home Groups, Epistles that are read, Worship Sharing as well as much attention to Worship in general.

We invite you to offer a workshop on Knowing (something you are passionate about) or Doing (an activity that you are doing or aware of) that inspires your life.  Contact Rich Corl at workshops@scym.orgWorkshop Deadline: If you would like to offer a workshop, please submit a written description of your topic and include your space and equipment needs. Please send your information to workshops@scym.orgWe must have your submission NO LATER THAN MARCH 8th for consideration.

Minute on Family Separation: Friends Meeting of San Antonio

The following minute on family separation was approved by Friends Meeting of San Antonio. They ask that SCYM meetings and worship groups consider affirming this minute or creating their own. Please let know if your meeting approves such an minute on this or other matters of interest to the whole of SCYM. 

"Friends Meeting of San Antonio finds the policy of the present administration of separating children from their families at the border to be shameful and contrary to American values.  Further, using the Gospel to claim that “God has ordained” such actions is appalling to us as a people of faith. We also insist that our government follow international law and open our ports of entry for people seeking asylum.  We call on all government officials, from the President, Attorney General, Senators, and Representatives, to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection to cease and desist separating infants and older children from their parents.  Compassion is called for in welcoming those who flee violence, seeking asylum in America."                ~ Val Liveoak and Gretchen Haynes, Co-Clerks


2018 Directory of SCYM Friends

The 2018 Directory of SCYM Friends is ready for download. A limited number of print copies will be available at SCYM Sessions. You must be signed in to see this directory. Sign in with your username and password in the upper right hand corner at (follow the instructions if you do not have an account or need a new password).

Friends are advised that this directory is drawn from the online listing once a year just before yearly meeting sessions and remains static throughout the year. The online directory provides much more up-to-date information and can be easily used by clicking on the word "members" that magically appears in the top menu bar when you are signed in. You will get a search box to look up the person you wish to contact.