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A memorial meeting for Rodney Mayfield will be held at Live Oak Meetinghouse on December 9, 2023, at 3:00 pm Central Time. Light refreshments will be served. 
To join the meeting on Zoom go to

Paula Keeth writes about Dale:
Dale Bordelon, a member of the Dallas Friends Meeting and active member of SCYM, died early in the week of November 12th of prostate cancer. He had a son Dakota, daughter Savannah, and sister Denise. He had a leading, partly as a result of joining the Friends, to find ways of improving early childhood experiences and environments so children can develop to their highest potential. He was working on this goal to the end. He will be greatly missed. Please hold his family and many friends in the Light. Memorial Meeting information is pending.

Please hold in the Light the following Friends and their families who were brought forward at the Representative Meeting last week.
Hank Lee - Live Oak Friends - died recently
Rodney Mayfield - Live Oak Friends - died recently - see below for information about the memorial meeting
Jan Michael - Stillwater Friends - Sue Garzon, his wife died earlier this year
Dale Bordelon - Dallas Friends - who was going through treatment for advanced prostate cancer and died earlier this week, see below
For all these Friends we will post more information about memorials here and on Facebook when we have the information. If Friends know of others who need to be specially held in the Light, please let us know at pubs(at)

Rodney Mayfield's Houston Celebration Information: Live Oak Friends Meeting
1318 W. 26th St.
Houston, TX
December 9th @ 3:00pm
An online link will be posted here when it is available. 

Our beloved Friend Dale Bordelon has died after treatment for advanced prostate cancer. Please hold Dale and his family in the Light as they grieve and celebrate his life. Dale is a member of Dallas Meeting and a regular attender at SCYM annual sessions. Friends Danielle Evans and Paula Keeth will be sending further news when they have it. 

Update for Dale Bordelon: After two surgical procedures at Baylor, Dale was released home on October 21. On November 7, he is undergoing a further test to determine his treatment plan. Please continue to hold Dale Bordelon, his family, and f(F)riends, in the Light.

Please hold Dale Bordelon, his family, and f(F)riends, in the Light. Dale was transferred to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas following a good ten-day hospitalization at Texoma Medical Center in Denison on Thursday evening 5th October. He is struggling with complications stemming from previous diagnoses. Best treatment plans are in the works.