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An important message from Amelia Kegan, Legislative Director for Domestic Policy, Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) via Gail Fletcher.

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May 26, 2016 • 12:00AM

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A few months ago, it seemed sentencing reform was on life support. There just wasn't enough time before the election to move any legislation forward let alone a bill that would start to reverse the failed 40-year "war on drugs."
Then, something incredible happened. You spoke up. Hundreds of you shared your stories of why sentencing reform matters with your members of Congress. Young adults came to Washington to advocate for sentencing reform with FCNL. And thousands upon thousands of you wrote, called, and emailed Congress asking for a more just criminal justice system.
You have helped turn the tides for this legislation. I can tell by the conversations on Capitol Hill. But we re not there yet and the window to change sentencing laws this year is closing fast.
The changes these bills would make to our criminal justice system won t fix all its problems. But passing these bills positions us to move further reform. Moreover, thousands potentially tens of thousands of lives would benefit, and that doesn t count their families, friends, congregations, communities. Congress can get this done right now. This is no time to pull back. Let s see this through to legislative victory.
Amelia Kegan
Legislative Director
Domestic Policy