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FCNL Spring Lobby Weekend will take place soon. Young people 18-35 are welcome to attend. Sign up for Spring Lobby Weekend, March 25-28, 2023 in-person and online at:
Friends, please promote this among young adults in your meeting. Hundreds of young adults...

... from across the country come together to learn about lobbying and then go out and lobby on Capitol Hill. This year we will be focusing on the funding of violence interruption programs. We are specifically looking for Delegation Leaders. This event provides opportunities for networking, lobby training, and action around one issue. Delegation Leaders organize a delegation that is composed of members of either their school, community, and or state. Delegation Leaders would be in direct contact with FCNL through monthly calls to receive support in any area where you might have trouble while organizing. This direct contact will allow you to be guided through the organizing of a delegation while also allowing you to develop new skills in community organizing. Delegation Leaders will have their travel and lodging paid for their stay in Washington D.C for Spring Lobby Weekend as a thank you for their organizing efforts.

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