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Being a Quaker Today: Nurturing Our Soul, Brightening Our Light, and Acting on Our Faith

SCYM’s 2024 Annual Sessions are rapidly approaching. This year’s theme encourages Friends to challenge each other to go back to the root of our faith to re-discover what it means to be a Friend in today's society and how our faith inspires us for future action. 

  • What do we Quakers do to be an example of faith in society? 
  • What can groups, or individuals, do in their daily lives, local, national, or international responses? 
  • How do Quakers demonstrate and be a visible example out in the community?

We are fortunate to have Pamela Haines, from Philadelphia, as a presenter. You can find out more about Pamela and her work here. She will help us address our theme which was purposely chosen to encourage any Friend wishing to share their work or inspiration with the community. Click "read more" to see about workshops offering a workshop.
2024 Schedule
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There is still time to share your work by giving a workshop. Please send your proposals to Chris Drexler, . Along with the title, it would be most helpful if you would include who will be the presenter(s), a description of the presentation, and whether it will be presented in person, or via video (either live or pre-recorded). Online presentations’ time slots (during the first week of YM) are 1 hour and 15 minutes while online and in-person presentations (during the in-person portion of YM) are allotted 1 hour.

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