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  • Greene Family Camp (GFC) requires all their staff to be vaccinated, wear masks and observe distancing. They will clean the site completely before we arrive.
  • We recommend that attendees monitor themselves for symptoms in the days prior to SCYM Sessions. If concerned about a potential positive test result, attendees may want to take a rapid test at home within 24 hours before arriving at camp - but will still be tested at camp.
  • All attendees will be required to take a rapid COVID test upon arrival at GFC.
  • If an attendee tests positive at camp, they will need to leave the camp. If unable to leave due to transportation issues, the individual will need to isolate in a single room for the duration of their stay.
  • Friends are asked to wear masks in public except when eating and maintain safe distancing guidelines during their stay at GFC.
  • The registrars plan to house Friends in a way that maximizes the safety of all.

Those on Medicare should be able to get 8 free COVID tests a month from a drugstore: