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Representative Meeting Agenda

Documents in Advance & Presented During the Meeting:
Finance Committee Report
FLGBTQC Representative's Report
FWCC Representative's Report
Procedures Manual Report

QREC Representative's Report
Treasurer's Report
Youth Program Support Committee Report
Draft Schedule of 2023 SCYM Annual Sessions
Cielo Grande Quarterly Meeting Report
Nominating Report - New Appointments
Nominating Report - Positions Needed to be Filled
Bayou Quarterly Meeting Report
Friends Peace Team Report

Peace and Justice Committee Report
Texas Impact Representative Report

2022 SCYM Annual Meeting Minutes(still in draft form)

SCYM Representative Meeting will be held online again this year, from Friday evening, November 18  through Saturday evening, November 19, 2022. Closing worship will be held on Saturday evening to allow participants to attend their own monthly meeting worship on Sunday morning. More specific times and an agenda will be sent out at a future date, along with the Zoom link. 

All SCYM Friends are invited to participate in Representative Meeting, especially closing worship on Saturday evening. It was suggested that MMs talk about RMs to create awareness of the nature and function of RM among those Friends who may not have attended in the past - perhaps even hold a forum about it. We look forward to seeing Friends there!

Monthly meetings may choose to meet together in person at their meeting house or other location to participate in the online RM as a group. This may allow us to have some sense of being together in person, while still allowing as many people as possible to participate without the difficulty of long-distance travel for a short weekend. The YM planning team is also looking at other ways to enjoy fellowship during our time together at RM.

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