SCYM Clerk Karen Takemoto to stand with Water Protectors at Line 3

Dear Friends,

The desecration of the land of the Anishinaabe peoples in Northern Minnesota due to Enbridge Energy’s Pipeline 3 construction and tar sands oil transport, has been sitting heavy on my heart.  Enbridge’s reckless pursuit to expand Pipeline 3 under pristine lakes and rivers, including the Mississippi River headwaters, has already resulted in leak spills of both oil and toxic sludge on land and under the water bodies.


I feel led to travel to Minnesota and stand with these Water Protectors.  I have always felt a strong relationship with land and water.  Spirit is everywhere, and I believe, in all creation.  This pipeline does great harm and disrespect to not only as it snakes it’s way through Canada and Minnesota, but also because it carries the extracts from the Alberta Tar Sand Fields. 

Indigenous peoples have been leading this fight and ask for support.  They have lived in harmony with the land for thousands of years.  In just a few decades, Enbridge has polluted rivers and land with oil spills, violated treaty territorial rights, as well as fishing and gathering rights.  Indigenous peoples are calling all of us to be Water Protectors, to protect the waters for all people.

Environmentally, this extraction of tar sands oil releases enormous carbon into our atmosphere.  Especially in light of the new IPPP report highlighting the need for immediate and effective action to reverse the rising CO2 trend, we must act.  Stopping Line 3 is one critical action.

While I do not have the intention of getting arrested, there are other active engagements possible to support this vital cause.  I also do not go with the naïve assumption that nothing bad will happen.  It is an active protest zone- constant drilling, intimidating “law” enforcement, teargas drifts and more. 

Will you join me if not physically, then spiritually, and other ways.  Eileen Flanagan, Quaker activist who was our Yearly Meeting speaker this year, has been on the front lines and has a very good summary of ways to engage in this cause.  Please check out the attachment.

Fortunately, I am joining other Quakers on the line.  Standing together with them, I feel spiritually strong in this action. Yet please hold us all in the Light, including those who believe otherwise.  Together may we find mutual ways to honor Mother Earth.


Karen Takemoto

Your humble SCYM Clerk