News from Friends in the aftermath of Ida

Please hold Friends and others in Louisiana in the Light as they struggle with the aftermath of hurricane Ida. Below is the most recent news.

September 4, 2021
Robin McCartt Morris reports about Friends in New Orleans:
"We’ve heard from everyone except one woman and I’ll check on her again today. I don’t have a written tally of who’s where but there are more people out of town than in town, although that will likely change this week.”

August 31, 2021
Joanna Redfield Vaughn emailed: "So- dear Pam & Danny, just want you to know we are thinking of you, & Hoping you are ok."

Pam answered: Dear Friends,
"How it has warmed my heart to read this message today as we finally have internet service again.  Our landline and our cell phones are still out.  We have electricity only because we bought a full-house generator in 2009 when Mama lived with us.  We have two trees down but they are not near any of the structures.  Lots and lots and lots of small limb and branch debris that will probably take us weeks to clean up.  We are sturdy and adequately mobile for being 71-almost 72 years old but we are very low on stamina for yard work in 90 degree heat.  I sweated through three complete sets of clothes yesterday!
Will King, who y’all might have met at SCYM, rents Mama’s Gathering Place next door from us.  No generator there so he is camping out with us.  He brought over this very decadent item his mama gave him for Christmas...a countertop ice maker, so we are making ice for the neighbors.  Using that plus the ice maker in our fridge.  Three neighbors are storing frozen food in our freezers.  One neighbor has loaned us his cell phone which is served by Verizon and still has service.  Now that we have internet service again, I feel like we’re on top of the world! 
Feeling your love over the miles and sending some right back atcha!"
Pam and Danny

Friends in New Orleans and LaFayette Meetings, please send news when you can to post on this website and share on SCYM's Facebook page.