Holding SCYM Friends struggling with COVID19 and other concerns

In this time of COVID, natural disasters and other challenges, please hold Friends experiencing struggles in the Light as we continue to worship together over the miles and spread the spirit of love and hope to all.
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Wainright Copass, member of Little Rock Friends Meeting, died October 25, 2020.He was diagnosed with covid-19 on October 18, and moved from ‘Waters of Cumberland’, the nursing home in Little Rock where he resided, to a facility in Hot Springs, AR where he could be isolated.He died a week later. Wainright was 78 years old.
Wainright had no family. His friends at the Little Rick Meeting were his family. When asked by a visiting Friend once to describe Little Rock Meeting with one word, he answered “Love”. He was also a member of Christ Episcopal Church in Little Rock. A Friends’ memorial service will be held at a later date.

SCYM Clerk Gerald Jimmy, Jr. is home and doing better all the time. 

SCYM Clerk Gerald Jimmy, Jr. was hospitalized yesterday in a diabetic state called DKA, a condition that effects the functioning of the body. After spending the night in ICU his condition is much improved. Please hold Gerald and his partner, Danielle Evans, in the Light for a full recovery. 

Stillwater Monthly Meeting met in a called meeting for worship for business this morning via Zoom in concern for our members, Mike Palmer and Sue McAlister, who recently moved to Sue's childhood home along the Blue River in Oregon.  The Holiday Farm wildfire destroyed two homes belonging to her family for generations, her deceased father's art studio and his paintings, a barn and their personal belongings (other than their musical instruments which were stored in their house that their daughter lives in, in Eugene).  Mike, Sue, their daughter Emily and Sue's 90-year-old great-aunt by friendship were able to escape in the night as embers flew in the air around them. Their homes were engulfed by fire within hours.

Mike and Sue have asked for continued prayers for them. They feel held in our prayers.

In addition, Mike and Sue are deeply "touched by the generosity of the meeting" and are grateful for Friends who wish to donate funds for their recovery. They report that they are financially secure right now.  They ask Friends who wish to donate funds for their relief to donate to the broader relief fund, which will help those who have greater financial needs than they.  They encourage Friends to contribute generously to the McKenzie River Trust, https://mckenzieriver.org and /or AFSC Oregon.  AFSC Oregon has rapidly mobilized to help the undocumented immigrant community displaced by other fires in the state. The undocumented immigrant community is largely not served by agencies and other organizations. https://www.afsc.org/office/salem-orMike and Sue wrote that "helping our community will be a good way to help us."

Listen as they tell their story in a 9/13/2020 NPR interview at: https://www.npr.org/2020/09/13/912424785/oregon-residents-discuss-their-evacuation-amid-wildfires-on-the-west-coast.

If Friends wish to donate to these relief efforts, please send your donations by October 8 by check to Stillwater Monthly Meeting, with "Oregon Wildfire Relief" noted in the memo.  Mail the checks to our meeting treasurer, Keith Garbutt, 1615 S Westridge St., Stillwater OK 74074.  At that time, the meeting will distribute the funds as Mike and Sue direct us.  


Please hold in the Light Mike Palmer and Sue McAlister as they continue to address the challenges of losing their home and almost all of their belongings to fires in Oregon. 


Jan Michael of Stillwater Meeting, writes; 

Mike Palmer and Sue McAlister members of Stillwater Meeting retired and moved this summer to Oregon where Sue grew up and where their daughter now lives.Some will have met them at yearly meeting. Just this past week they had to evacuate to Portland with their animals in the face of advancing wildfires, but their house, barn and aunt's house next door have burned completely.  

Update from Tina Coffin about Marianne Lockard:

I received the following text from Carol, Marianne's daughter:

"I was finally able to get mom in Avenir.  I dropped her off yesterday at 10 and then went back to her house and frantically packed her stuff and coordinates moving her furniture over there.  W had it there by 4. I talked with her yesterday morning again about her place. I told her my hope is they will be able to make her happy again.They have a geriatric doc and psychiatrist on staff who can help get her the meds she needs to help with her confusion and inability to sleep. She was happy about that. Dropping her off was fine. Thay texted me a couple of times and said she was doing well. She was painting once, watching tv once and eating dinner. She apparently went in and started to introduce herself to folks and being social. They texted this morning and said she is doing well still."

Carol included a photo of Marianne working on an art project.  She also gave an address in case you want to send a card:
Marianne Lockard
c/o Avenir Memory care of Little Rock
8401 Ranch Blvd
Little Rock, AR 72223
Carol wrote previously that words confuse her mom.  She suggests to use few words in your card, but artwork she enjoys.

This is a great relief for Carol. And I believe Marianne will be happier with people around her. She always was a social person.

Update from Tina Coffin about Marianne Lockard:

I just talked to Marianne and Carol. At first Marianne was confused telling me where she was.  She said she was at home, and then she said she was in the hospital.  She is at home though.  She was given an heavy sedative and Carol told her not to get out of bed when there was no one around to help her.  David is back in Hope. Maybe being in bed made her think she was in the hospital. Carol is now out of quarantine, so she can go over more easily during the time the caretaker is not with her, from 2 to 4:30 in the afternoon.  Marianne is still sore from the fall, and she said she can only walk a few steps.

Marianne will now be tested again for covid-19 and as soon as the result is in, she will be moved into the Alzheimer unit at the Shepard Center.  Family will be able to visit with her in the lobby, so that is good.  I told Marianne that we are all holding her in the Light and she said "Oh yes, please, do, as many people as possible".  Carol said her Quaker community is her mainstay.  When she was panicking after her fall laying on the floor and on the phone with Carol, Carol told her to focus on all her Quaker Friends. and that calmed her down. Thank goodness Carol has recovered.

Rather than sending cards to Marianne Lockard, c/o Carol Worley, 1300 W. 3rd Street, Little Rock, AR 72201, consider sending photos of yourself so Marianne can have all our faces around her. 

Please hold Marianne Lockard and her family in the Light. She and her daughter, Carol, have been diagnosed with COVID19. Carol is reported to be recovering and Marianne is asymtomatic, was being cared for in her home but today had a fall so is off to the hospital for some tests. Sadly, Marianne is very confused by all that is happening around her. Please do not phone at this time. It has ben suggested we send pictures of ourselves or children's art to her. Any mail to Marianne should be addressed to; Marianne Lockard, c/o Carol Worley, 1300 W. 3rd Street, Little Rock, AR 72201. 

Please hold the families and all of the Live Oak Monthly Meeting (Houston) community in the Light. These members who died recently will be sorely missed.
Robert D. Stecker, Jr. (Dr. Bob) on June 26, 2020 age 91
Darrell Austin Hutto, died the week of July 1, 2020 (age 55)
Mary Beth Davidson Smith on died July 13, 2020


This news jolts me and Danny to our core. We have only known of two people who have tested positive.  Marianne has been a true and faithful friend to both of us, having visited in our home a number of times during her years of traveling ministry for SCYM.  We hold her, Carol and all the family in the Light and pray for strength for all of us who have loved Marianne so deeply.