Meeting of Friends in the Americas

Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) Section of the Americas Meeting
March 12-21, 2021

Click here for more information. Registration closed 2/28

The Section Meeting schedule is very different this year. Instead of packing everything into one long, exhausting weekend, we have spread the events out over two weekends and the days in between. The larger plenary sessions such as worship and the business sessions are scheduled on the weekends. Smaller group events such as workshops, bible study, and interest groups are scheduled during the week. Knowing we are working with many time zones and a wide variety of personal schedules, many of these smaller group events have two options for when you can participate, either earlier or later in the day. Please see the schedule posted on our website, and check back for updates!

from Heather Gosse, Friends World Committee for Consultation (to be 3/12/2021)