Worship Oversight Committee


Wesley Miller


The purpose of the Worship Oversight Committee is to nurture a spirit of worship within the Yearly Meeting, primarily at Annual Sessions.  Tasks of the committee include:

1. Oversee worship at Yearly Meeting:  a. Oversee and close all plenary meetings for worship, including meetings for worship with attention to business. b. Plan worship-sharing sessions at SCYM.  c. Set up and attend to the silent center  d. Set up chairs in theatre for earlybird worship, nightowl worship, Meeting for Worship for Business e. Respond to requests for special worship sessions and supportive prayers.

2. Prayerfully support the Yearly Meeting and its Clerks.

3. Receive from the SCYM Clerk the Epistles from other Yearly Meetings and  discern how to present them to Yearly Meeting most effectively. Convey  what is presented to the Recording Clerk for inclusion in the Proceedings.

4. Prepare and present the Minute of Thanksgiving for Births and Adoptions.   

5. Prepare a report on the work of the committee since the last Yearly Meeting  and present it at a Yearly Meeting business session.

6. Offer workshops on deepening worship, when possible.

7. Deepen our own spiritual lives, praying often for each other and for the Yearly  Meeting.

8. Responsible for First Time Attenders at Yearly Meeting.

9. Takes responsibility for the Reading of the Passion.