Peace and Justice Committee


Rex Friend


The purpose of the SCYM Peace and Justice Committee as a gathering center for information and concerns of the Monthly Meetings and of the Yearly Meeting, and to encourage greater interaction among the meetings. The P&J Committee will act as a vehicle to cross-fertilize and energize our meetings and members.   Every meeting is encouraged to have a designated member to be the contact person for SCYM's P&J Committee. This Friend will act as a two-way information conduit between their Meeting and the Committee.  A primary focus is education: the sharing of information on a variety of social concerns that meetings and individual friends are interested in, as well as suggested methods for meetings and individuals to address those concerns and issues. Those concerns include, but are not limited to the following: working to promote peace and justice everywhere; prison and criminal justice system reform; the abolition of capital punishment and the cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners; causes and remedies of poverty, homelessness, diseases and access to health resources; promoting the use of non-violent negotiations, conflict resolution to settle conflicts; promoting conflict resolution as a part of the curriculum of schools.