Ministry and Care


Jan Michael


The purpose of the Ministry and Care Committee is to nurture the spiritual life of the Yearly Meeting and to serve as a resource for SCYM Monthly Meetings, Preparative Meetings, and Worship Groups, through their Ministry and Care committees, when possible. Responsibilities include:

  1. Serving as a resource to SCYM Meetings and Worship Groups, especially the smaller ones, by maintaining contact with their clerks or M&C committee clerks, visiting meetings when possible to offer support and a ministry of presence;
  2. Providing assistance to Meetings and Worship Groups at a meeting's request when differences or difficulties are seriously damaging the life of the meeting; 
  3. Keeping in touch with geographically isolated Friends;
  4. Overseeing the work of Friends who request that SCYM take their ministry under its care;
  5. Maintaining a library of M&C materials and making them available to meetings and geographically isolated Friends;
  6. Publishing articles or columns on M&C-related topics in the SCYM Newsletter;
  7. Deepening our own spiritual lives, praying often for each other and for the Yearly Meeting;
  8. Receiving and presenting State-of-Meeting reports; 
  9. Overseeing the Ad Hoc Working Group, the purpose of which is to reach out to single Friends or small groups who lack firm contact with Friends at large in order to make contact and nurture them;
  10. Administering the Mel and Yvonne Boeger Ministry Fund.