Finance Committee


Warren Wilson-Reiner


Bill Wilkinson


The Finance Committee assists the Treasurer in determining the YM budget and the recommended Meeting assessments to meet that budget. The Finance Committee advises and assists the treasurer as needed. The Finance Committee is not a decision making body that shapes the goals of Yearly Meeting. Rather, the Committee develops a budget that reflects and supports the goals that rise from the Yearly Meeting body. All Yearly Meeting programs have a dollar cost. The Finance Committee participates in advising, developing and planning for the fiscal aspects of those programs. The Finance Committee is also responsible for developing and implementing an appropriate investment plan for YM Funds.  The SCYM operating budget includes funds for delegate travel to other Quaker organizations, such as FCNL, FWCC, and others. It also includes funding for Kenny Kloepfer scholarships, and funding for a subsidy for the Yearly Meeting event; and of course it includes funding for the operations of the committees. SCYM suggests a contribution from each monthly meeting based on its size. The way we have decided to allocate the expenses of the Yearly Meeting is by count of members. Each monthly meeting is asked to contribute $72/member/year (that is, members of that meeting, and attenders who are members of another meeting) to SCYM.  The headcounts we use are based on the SCYM directory compiled and completed yearly by the SCYM publications committee.