SCYM Committees

Faith and Practice Committee:

Finance Committee

Ministry and Care


Peace and Justice:


Worship Oversight

Yearly Meeting Planning:

Youth Program Support:

Officers and contacts

  • Clerk, Liz Yeats, contact
  • Associate clerk, Howard Hawhee, contact
  • Recording clerk, Warren Wilson-Reiner, contact
  • Treasurer, Bill Wilkinson, contact
  • Archivist, Mary Hampton, contact
  • Youth program coordinator, Jasmine Zowniriw, contact
  • Registrar, Val Liveoak, contact

On-site Coordinators

  • Coordinator, Chris Drexler, contact
  • Assistant coordinator, Kevin King
  • Technical coordinator, Edwin Campbell
  • Assistant technical coordinator, Lidney Molinari

Publications committee

  • Web site technical manager, Terry SoRelle, contact
  • Web site content manager, Bill Sweet, contact
  • Directory coordinator, Cathy Gutentag, contact
  • Directory producer, Jan Michael , contact
  • Procedures manual coordinator, Bette Drexler, contact