About SCYM

The Yearly Meeting exercises general oversight and loving care over constituent Meetings, leaving to them the proper ordering of their worship, fellowship, and service. SCYM includes Monthly Meetings, Quarterly Meetings, Preparatory Meetings and Worship Groups.  Within SCYM there are three Quarterly Meetings, as well as Meetings that are unaffiliated with a Quarterly Meeting.  The Annual Session of SCYM occurs on Easter weekend at Greene Family Camp near Bruceville, Texas.  SCYM is well represented within Friends organizations at the national level, including FGC, Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) and others.

An article outlining SCYM history can be found here.

South Central Yearly Meeting is also a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation in the State of Texas with a 501(c)(3) classification.