2019 Annual SCYM Sessions Theme and Workshop Request

2019 SCYM Annual Sessions will take place April 18-21 at Greene Family Camp, Bruceville, TX. This year's theme is “Knowing, Being, Doing”. Workshops will focus on Knowing and Doing while the overarching theme will be about Being (turning inward to the Light), from the queries in the Home Groups, Epistles that are read, Worship Sharing as well as much attention to Worship in general.

We invite you to offer a workshop on Knowing (something you are passionate about) or Doing (an activity that you are doing or aware of) that inspires your life.  Contact Rich Corl at workshops@scym.orgWorkshop Deadline: If you would like to offer a workshop, please submit a written description of your topic and include your space and equipment needs. Please send your information to workshops@scym.orgWe must have your submission NO LATER THAN MARCH 8th for consideration.

Please plan to attend as we have a great Keynote Speaker: Joyce Ajlouney, AFSC General Secretary. For those of you who do not know Joyce, a brief bio follows for Joyce.

Joyce Ajlouny has served AFSC since September 2017, where she is responsible for the organization’s worldwide peace and social justice programs and advocacy. Before this appointment, Joyce served for 13 years as the Director of the Ramallah Friends School in Ramallah, Palestine. For 14 years prior to that, Joyce worked in international development and relief as a United Nations consultant, as a Country Director for the Palestinian territories and Israel for Oxfam GB, and as a program officer and manager at various UN agencies. A lifelong Quaker, Joyce grew up in Palestine and attended the Ramallah Friends School herself for her elementary and secondary education. She is a member of Ramallah Monthly Meeting and attends several monthly meetings in the U.S.

We are very excited about this year’s theme “Knowing, Being, Doing” and Joyce Ajlouney as our keynote speaker and we hope you will be able to attend.