South Central Yearly Meeting

Religious Society of Friends

Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas

2023 SCYM Representative Meeting - All Welcome



November 10-11, 2023 via Zoom 

Friends are invited to gather online for worship, fellowship and business Friday, November 10,  6pm-10pm and on Saturday, November 11, 9am-6:30pm. Social time is scheduled for an hour at the start and end of each day.  

Bayou Quarterly Meeting Report
Yearly Meeting Planning Committee Report
Bayou Quarter Adult Program Theme 2023

Yearly Meeting Tech Event Committee Report
2023 RM Treasurer's Report


SCYM 2023 Annual Sessions


Spiritual Refreshment for the Long Haul

Sunday, April 2 to Wednesday, April 5 online for everyone.
Thursday, April, 6 to Sunday, April 9 at Greene Family Camp (Bruceville TX) with some events also available online.

2023 SCYM Epistle to Friends Everywhere


Monthly Meeting and Worship Group State of Society Reports

2023 Memorial Minutes

SCYM Faith and Practice 2023 Draft - Friends should be reading and discussing this document in their monthly meetings and worship groups. It will come back to yearly meeting sessions in future years for approval. 

The Peace and Justice Committee brought forward the following minutes on contemporary issues which were approved:

Minute on Support for Transgender Individuals

Minute on Peace in Ukraine

Minute on Equal Access to Sexual and Reproductive Services

Minute on Apartheid-Free Communities


Our 2021 Keynote Speaker is Eileen Flanagan, a Quaker author, speaker, and online teacher, whose lessons on spiritually-grounded non-violent activism have reached thousands.

Minutes of Fall 2020 Sessions with Attachments

Here is the link to the minutes with attachments from our recent Fall Yearly Meeting Sessions.

Minutes of Fall Sessions

Please review, optimally before we gather for 2020 Representative Meeting.

The website content manager regrets not getting these to you sooner. There are many good reports and action minutes contained in these business meeting minutes.

2020 SCYM Epistle to Friends Everywhere

SCYM 2020 Fall Sessions Epistle to Friends Everywhere
Reports for Fall Sessions 2020

Fall Postponed SCYM Yearly Meeting Sessions Go Online and more...

Fall Postponed Yearly Meeting Sessions Go Online: SCYM Friends involved with yearly meeting planning, and clerks and others from the various monthly meetings and worship groups, met online for worship with attention to business on June 9, 2020. After a lengthy discussion they approved the following minute:

For more news . . .

See the newsfeed page


A memorial meeting for Rodney Mayfield will be held at Live Oak Meetinghouse on December 9, 2023, at 3:00 pm Central Time. Light refreshments will be served. 
To join the meeting on Zoom go to

Paula Keeth writes about Dale:
Dale Bordelon, a member of the Dallas Friends Meeting and active member of SCYM, died early in the week of November 12th of prostate cancer. He had a son Dakota, daughter Savannah, and sister Denise. He had a leading, partly as a result of joining the Friends, to find ways of improving early childhood experiences and environments so children can develop to their highest potential. He was working on this goal to the end. He will be greatly missed. Please hold his family and many friends in the Light. Memorial Meeting information is pending.

Please hold in the Light the following Friends and their families who were brought forward at the Representative Meeting last week.
Hank Lee - Live Oak Friends - died recently
Rodney Mayfield - Live Oak Friends - died recently - see below for information about the memorial meeting
Jan Michael - Stillwater Friends - Sue Garzon, his wife died earlier this year
Dale Bordelon - Dallas Friends - who was going through treatment for advanced prostate cancer and died earlier this week, see below
For all these Friends we will post more information about memorials here and on Facebook when we have the information. If Friends know of others who need to be specially held in the Light, please let us know at pubs(at)

Rodney Mayfield's Houston Celebration Information: Live Oak Friends Meeting
1318 W. 26th St.
Houston, TX
December 9th @ 3:00pm
An online link will be posted here when it is available. 

Our beloved Friend Dale Bordelon has died after treatment for advanced prostate cancer. Please hold Dale and his family in the Light as they grieve and celebrate his life. Dale is a member of Dallas Meeting and a regular attender at SCYM annual sessions. Friends Danielle Evans and Paula Keeth will be sending further news when they have it. 

Update for Dale Bordelon: After two surgical procedures at Baylor, Dale was released home on October 21. On November 7, he is undergoing a further test to determine his treatment plan. Please continue to hold Dale Bordelon, his family, and f(F)riends, in the Light.

Please hold Dale Bordelon, his family, and f(F)riends, in the Light. Dale was transferred to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas following a good ten-day hospitalization at Texoma Medical Center in Denison on Thursday evening 5th October. He is struggling with complications stemming from previous diagnoses. Best treatment plans are in the works.

SCYM Gifts of Service to Our Spiritual Community

Each of us has gifts of service that are needed in SCYM to fill a variety of roles. The  SCYM Gifts of Service to Our Spiritual Community Form lists yearly meeting committees, representatives, and roles that make our yearly meeting run. While not all positions currently have vacancies, your indications will allow the Nominating Committee to know of your interest. Please fill out this form and follow the directions on it to return it to the Nominating Committee.

Gifts of Service to Our Spiritual Community Form

Zoom Link for 2023 Representative Meeting

Topic: SCYM 2023 Representative Meeting

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 898 5310 7161
Passcode: 2023rm

Friends Ugandan Safe Transport Information

SCYM has made donations to Friends Ugandan Safe Transport - FUST for many years now. Don Satterthwaite sent the following three documents after SCYM 2023 so Friends can know more about the situation for homosexual people in Uganda and what Friends are doing to help. 

Uganda FUST - Resources and Program Information


Status report on Ugandan anti-homosexual legislation for SCYM 2023 

Great News from SCYM Faith and Practice Committee

Dear SCYM'ers:

The first draft of our SCYM Faith and Practice is now ready for your review. There will be a workshop at 2023 SCYM Annual Sessions in which Friends can ask questions of the committee and bring suggestions for editing. We will not be asking for a decision to adopt this as our Faith and Practice at this time. 

Friends should know that this document has been a long time coming with the work of many Friends. Let us express gratitude to the committee that has worked hard to bring it to us and the many others who participated in this process along the way.

Now it is all of our responsibility to review it and discern if it reflects the faith and practice of the meetings in South Central Yearly Meeting. See the SCYM Faith and Practice draft here

John Coffin, Committee clerk
Little Rock Friends Meeting

Tina Coffin Retires from the "Carillon"


Oklahoma/Arkansas Quarterly Meeting celebrated Tina Coffin's long years publishing The Carillon at their Quarterly Meeting this fall. Two members of the Quarter, LaDeana Mullinix and Sue Garzon, wrote new lyrics to a familiar tune to celebrate. 

Tina's Song

"The Secret to True Communication" by J. E. McNeil


Former Houston native and Quaker activist, J.E. McNeil prides herself on her ability to bridge the regional, cultural, and political divides in the United States—the ability, as she puts it, to speak both NASCAR and NPR. So she created a program that teaches others how to communicate with people of different ideological persuasions. As she says, "You can't start persuading people until you're actually communicating." 

Watch the video here.

If you don't already know about Quaker Speak Videos, this is great time to view this one and others. You can find the whole archive of videos here

Friends Peace Teams Announcements and Upcoming Events: 

Upcoming Events

  • Roots of Injustice (TRR) Online: Jan 22 or Feb 11, Sun 2-4pm Mountain
  • Meet the Javanese Team: Fri, Feb 24, 6:30p Eastern for Power of Goodness and 8:30pm Eastern for Visitation.
  • Indian Boarding Schools… Online, Mar 14, Tue 9:15pm Eastern 
  • FPT Annual Gathering, May 4-7, Westtown Friends School, Register Now! (yes all are welcome)
  • Paula Palmer interview

Friends Peace Teams In Ukraine:

FPT has been working with Ukrainians since 2014 supporting internally displaced

To Friends Throughout the United States:  

Greetings in the Spirit of Love.  

We write to share with you an “Urgent Call to the Religious Society of Friends” concerning the current extensive threats to our U.S. democracy. We are led to speak out against the lies, extremist movements, and anti-democratic actions that are the opposite of our Quaker understandings of integrity and Truth.   This Call was prepared by a group of nineteen Friends.

We encourage your prayerful discernment of this “Urgent Call” and ask you as individuals, monthly meetings, yearly meetings, and Friends organizations to consider how you might be called to act with integrity in response to these concerns. 

Read the Urgent Call
Join the Conversation at 

Join Friends in Moscow for Daily Worship for Ukraine

9:00AM Pacific / 10AM Mountain / 11AM Central