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In the Religious Society of Friends, a Yearly Meeting refers to a an organization of Monthly Meetings, Preparatory Meetings, Worship Groups and unaffiliated Friends within a geographical area. (See About SCYM) Within a Yearly Meeting, many of the tasks will typically be initially addressed and threshed out by committees, but the entire Yearly Meeting will come together once a year, known as the Annual Session, to engage in conducting the business of the Yearly Meeting itself.

The business meetings of the Annual Sessions are held very much in the same spirit of silence, expectant waiting, and worship as are Meetings for Worship, as the gathered body seeks guidance from the Spirit as to handling its affairs of business, including financial matters, committee appointments, and any other issues affecting Friends within the Yearly Meeting. The gathered meeting seeks to discern the movement of the Spirit and a sense of the Meeting indicating a direction on the issues at hand.

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