Creating Connections with Young Stewards

I’m so excited to be organizing this year’s SCYM Youth Program. As in year’s past, we will provide supervised activities for each day, permitting parents the time and space to become involved in the business, programs, worship and workshops of SCYM. This year we are pleased to be able to mirror our programming to that of the adults. Children will spend their time participating in projects and activities that focus on being Stewards as it relates to climate change and protecting Earth’s resources. We hope to be able to give the children some tools to make positive changes in the world.

I look forward to seeing adults can digging down (some not as far as others) to find their inner child and participate in some of our many intergenerational events. New this year is a Family Home Group for those who want to connect further with their children during Yearly Meeting. I imagine this could lead to some wonderful conversations on the car ride home.  There will also be boating on the lake, a camp fire and perhaps an organized sport. It is important that we build connections between the Youth and Adults so as to foster community among all participants of SCYM.

We are still looking for teacher and volunteers within the Youth Program. If you aren’t excited about being a full time teacher, consider spending an hour sharing your passion and light in some way. Perhaps you would like to teacher the Littlest Friends a song or take a hike with the Junior Young Friends. Maybe you would like to read a story or lead a craft. Any opportunity for connection is an opportunity for growth and I welcome all ideas.

To contact the Youth Program Coordinator, please use the form located on the SCYM website: