A Message from the Yearly Meeting Planning Committee

Yearly Meeting Sessions are more than the Adult program, including business meetings and scheduled activities for children and youth. There are a few changes in the schedule from 2016 and other recent years. For instance, the keynote address will be on Saturday morning with a question and answer period that evening. For specifics you can check the abbreviated schedule on line or see the complete schedule available at Greene Family Camp at registration.

If you have questions about the site, programs or anything else you can stop at the “Information” table in the dining hall near the registration tables or new this year, people who ought to know stuff will be wearing buttons saying, “Ask Me.” Please ask instead of wondering about something.

Chris Drexler from Live Oak Friends Meeting is the site coordinator. Let him know if you want to reserve meeting time and space for a committee meeting or will have an exhibit. You can reach him by clicking this link.  For general concerns or questions, contact Jane Houser, clerk of the YM Planning Committee by clicking this link.

One other change was recommended by the Youth Program Support Committee. So activities that were labeled as “family-friendly” will now be called “community” to help clarify that those activities are for everyone, not just families with children. Some of those activities include boating on Friday afternoon and swimming in the pool on Saturday. And as a reminder, no one should enter the pond or pool areas except when opened and supervised by camp staff.  Friday night there will be a campfire with singing and star-gazing with Edwin Campbell. Saturday evening will bring The Quaker Variety Hour. (Not just for families.)

Over the past two years, construction on I-35 disrupted our usual path to Greene Family Camp. As of November 2016, the main lanes appear to be complete, but eliminate a northbound exit for Bruceville. Go one more exit to Lorena and cross over the freeway and use the southbound frontage road. If the frontage road still ends, just turn right and go up the hill to the camp. GFC maintains video instructions on their web site, so check that link before you leave home. (Google Greene Family Camp and then click on ““directions” to find their map and videos.