Food for Thought . . .

The Yearly Meeting Planning Committee understands that Friends care about food both to satisfy individual needs and as a reflection of values and testimonies. The 2016 evaluation forms spoke to both those concerns. For instance of the 49 forms returned, 39 mentioned something about food quality or menu, food quantities, food specifics or other issues related to food service. The Planning Committee hears you.

For many years, Greene Family Camp had two sisters who both managed the food service and were the lead cooks. They had a binder on SCYM that included menus used over the years, along with vegetarian recipes that seemed to be well received. They both retired during 2015 and we were introduced to the new director at the time of representatives meeting. He had our binder and seemed to understand the needs, especially the need for adult-type diets and a wide variety of special needs. Then just the week before Yearly Meeting, he left and Kristy took his place. She knew none of the history and thought that SCYM was primarily a youth group. In addition, the camp has always asked for a list of special needs and a vegetarian/vegan count three weeks before we arrive. Last year, registrations were really slow in coming and three weeks out, we had only three registrations for vegans.

Now fast forward to 2016/17, Kristy is still there and seems to have settled in, including building a stable staff and a collection of vegetarian cookbooks. Before representatives’ meeting, Kristy and the clerk of YM Planning exchanged e-mails and phone calls and I described some of the issues. She seemed very open to dialogue and altered the menu with vegan and vegetarian alternatives.   During the representatives’ week-end, the camp provided main dishes for vegetarians and vegans that were well received. At this point, I am confident that Greene Family Camp can meet our needs, if we can get registrations in with enough time to provide an accurate meal count and explanations of special needs. In addition, Friends are always free to supplement the meals provided. There are full kitchens in the old staff lounge (young friends space) and the fireplace room, as well as a refrigerator and microwave in the health house.  Special needs/requests should be sent to the Registrar or attached to your registration form including as much detail as possible.