Religious Society of Friends: Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

We Lifted Hearts and Spirits to the Light



South Central Yearly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends in
Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, & Texas

Greetings to Friends Everywhere,                         

Sing and rejoice ye children of the day and the light; for the Lord is at work in this thick night of darkness that may be felt: and the Truth doth flourish as the rose, and lilies do grow among the thorns and the plants atop the hills, and upon them the lambs doth skip and play.”                                  ― George Fox, The Journal of George Fox

South Central Yearly Meeting gathered at Greene Family Camp in Bruceville, TX for the 56th year from March 29 to April 1, 2018 to embrace this year’s theme “Lift Hearts and Spirits to the Light”.

As we individuals and groups drove in, many of us gave consideration to the delightful Spring hues that plot the trails from which we have voyaged. Like blood coursing through veins and water through roots, we encountered numerous winding roads before finally reaching our destination.

For many of us there were welcomes from old Friends; for others there were warming welcomes from new Friends. Take a moment and imagine being caught in the midst of an elemental storm of good versus good. A storm where nothing but kind hearts and love are fighting to embrace you and build up your spirit in community.  That is the sense of this Yearly Meeting.

We began this year’s gathering with Meeting for Worship. In spite of the room being somewhat void of physical bodies, it was swarmed with otherworldly hush. We amassed peacefully as individual flames of Light enlightened by the nearness of God. We each enabled ourselves to be defenseless against this experience as we silently shared our secrets, sorrows, leadings, and prayers in the Light.

Light—a lighter tone in meeting for Business.

A lighter touch in workshops, fun and games instead of another task.

A hug, a smile to light our way to spirit in these dark times.  Light of the warm sun in gentle breezes, lightening bugs at dusk.

Joy in silence, joy in song. Art and clay, balloons and play, lighten our burdens as we witness to the world.

2018 SCYM Sessions Documents in Advance

SCYM 2018 Sessions

2018 South Central Yearly Meeting Sessions - 29 March to 1 April 2018 - Greene Family Camp, Bruceville, TX

Please see the Yearly Meeting Details page for more information, or go straight to REGISTRATION

In early 2017, as Bayou Quarterly Meeting began to consider a theme for the adult program at SCYM-2018, we realized how discouraged many of us felt with the results of the 2016 presidential election. When the year progressed into floods of negativity and inaction by Congress, the spirits of Americans seemed at an all-time low. Thus, we felt led to present a different kind of program to our fellow Quakers – one that encourages PLAY!

“Lift Hearts and Spirits to the Light”

Keynote:  Annie Patterson and Peter Blood – in concert!!  Annie and Peter (active Quakers, together since 1981) are the creators of Rise Up Singing and Rise Again songbooks. She is “a teacher, musician, artist, peace activist, mother, and community organizer.”  He is “a nurse, family therapist, crisis worker, music editor, song leader, spiritual formation leader and teacher of Quakerism.” We feel honored that they are joining us.

Please plan to attend this year’s SCYM to build your spirit in community with us. The workshops will give you specific tools through the arts that will encourage you to creatively move forward “to the Light.” Come join us as we make art through clay, collage, writing, movement and music.

2018 SCYM Representative Meeting will take place - 16-18 November - Camp Gilmont near Gilmer, Texas 

Minute on Family Separation: Friends Meeting of San Antonio

The following minute on family separation was approved by Friends Meeting of San Antonio. They ask that SCYM meetings and worship groups consider affirming this minute or creating their own. Please let know if your meeting approves such an minute on this or other matters of interest to the whole of SCYM. 

"Friends Meeting of San Antonio finds the policy of the present administration of separating children from their families at the border to be shameful and contrary to American values.  Further, using the Gospel to claim that “God has ordained” such actions is appalling to us as a people of faith. We also insist that our government follow international law and open our ports of entry for people seeking asylum.  We call on all government officials, from the President, Attorney General, Senators, and Representatives, to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection to cease and desist separating infants and older children from their parents.  Compassion is called for in welcoming those who flee violence, seeking asylum in America."                ~ Val Liveoak and Gretchen Haynes, Co-Clerks


2018 Directory of SCYM Friends

The 2018 Directory of SCYM Friends is ready for download. A limited number of print copies will be available at SCYM Sessions. You must be signed in to see this directory. Sign in with your username and password in the upper right hand corner at (follow the instructions if you do not have an account or need a new password).

Friends are advised that this directory is drawn from the online listing once a year just before yearly meeting sessions and remains static throughout the year. The online directory provides much more up-to-date information and can be easily used by clicking on the word "members" that magically appears in the top menu bar when you are signed in. You will get a search box to look up the person you wish to contact. 

Sad News

Susan Warram, member of Norman Monthly Meeting, died January 20, 2018 at home in Fairfield, OH. Her husband, Jim Warram, died July 6, 2017. Both were very active during their time at SCYM and many of us will remember them fondly. Norman Meeting will have memorial minutes for both Susan and Jim to read at SCYM 2018.