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Being a Quaker Today: Nurturing Our Soul, Brightening Our Light, and Acting on Our Faith

SCYM’s 2024 Annual Sessions ended Sunday with Friends departing with great memories of over a hundred Friends being together among the bluebonnets! You can read all about it!

2024 SCYM Epistle to Friends Everywhere

2024 SCYM Youth Epistle

SCYM 2024 Gaza Cease-Fire Minute

SCYM 2024 Minute on Unhoused People

SCYM 2024 Minute on Indian Boarding Schools
2024 SCYM Annual Sessions Minutes

A highlight at 2024 Sessions was looking at our draft Faith and Practice which you can read here. Yearly Meeting was a great opportunity for Friends to let the Faith and Practice Committee know their thoughts and feelings about the draft or some portion of it.

Go to 2024 Documents to see all the documents from the meeting. 

This year’s theme encouraged Friends to challenge each other to go back to the root of our faith to re-discover what it means to be a Friend in today's society and how our faith inspires us for future action. 

  • What do we Quakers do to be an example of faith in society? 
  • What can groups, or individuals, do in their daily lives, local, national, or international responses? 
  • How do Quakers demonstrate and be a visible example out in the community?

We were fortunate to have Pamela Haines, from Philadelphia, as a presenter. You can find out more about Pamela and her work here. She will help us address our theme which was purposely chosen to encourage any Friend wishing to share their work or inspiration with the community. Click "read more" to see about workshops offering a workshop.

To see a statement from Pamela Haines and her short bio, click on "Read more"

From Pamela Haines:

Showing up in service to the sacred

Every moment has the potential to be sacred, if only we could notice. Claiming the sacred in the spaces around us gives us a place to stand. We live in a web of sacred human connections and tending that web is part of the business of being alive. Our life in community also calls us to reclaim our institutions and their divine vocations. While the challenges abound, I don’t think we can go wrong as we commit to showing up in service to the sacred. The opportunities are everywhere, in every part of our lives. There may be no better way of ensuring a life full of gifts and meaning. And I believe that in the process, we can find ourselves part of a larger whole, together in a great—and sacred—company of travelers.

Pamela Haines, an active member of her Quaker meeting in Philadelphia, is passionate about the earth, relationships, integrity, paying attention, and repair of all kinds. She enjoys connections with Northern Ugandans, youth climate activists, childcare teachers, and urban farmers, among others. As a writer, workshop leader and speaker, she seeks to demystify the connections between economics and daily life, challenge people to claim their power and act on their values, and call them to wonder and thanks. The author of Money and Soul, she has also written two Pendle Hill pamphlets, three volumes of essays for the Quaker Quicks series, and three volumes of poetry. Her blog and podcast can be found at

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